Hugs and Kisses, Inc.  (215-495-3126)

Total Percentage Score100%
Did the DJ set up on time?Yes
Playing key songs?Very Good
Appearing PresentableVery Good
PersonalityVery Good
Pronunciation & Mike Skills  Very Good
Selection of SongsVery Good
Sound QualityVery Good
Would you Recommend?Definitely

For a University of Pennsylvania Wharton project, I was organizing a fashion fundraiser to help raise awareness for a non-profit and we were looking for a DJ for the event. Due to the nature of non-profits, our budget for entertainment was extremely limited, so we appealed to Silver Sound Entertainment for a donation of services. This was the week before our event, and we were very nervous that we would have no DJ, and would have to simply play music from a computer. Within days, Kevin contacted me and agreed to donate his time and DJ at our event. He was very helpful in guiding us in creating a playlist for the event, very responsive to emails, and showed up to the venue on the day of the event with ample time to set up. He brought special speakers that help to dissipate the sound throughout the room, so the music was not blasting from two speakers but rather evenly distributed throughout the venue. He played music at the appropriate level and was extremely kind, helpful, and respectful. All of the guests thought Kevin did an amazing job and a couple came up to me and asked for Kevinís contact information, as they were so impressed with how good he was and the excellent sound quality. He brought microphones and even helped us set up things for hat did not pertain to his job. He was very helpful all around. I cannot overemphasize how kind it was of Kevin to donate his time and expertise to our event, and we will definitely look to him for future projects. Thanks, Kevin!