Total Percentage Score100%
Did the DJ set up on time?Yes
Playing key songs?Very Good
Appearing PresentableVery Good
PersonalityVery Good
Pronunciation & Mike Skills  Very Good
Selection of SongsVery Good
Sound QualityVery Good
Would you Recommend?Definitely

Steve did a SUPERB job! He was honest & patient with us and our family members. It was not an easy task to help us pull off a surprise wedding and not only did he do it but he did an excellent job. He played every song my husband and I picked. He was very articulate as well as dignified and classy in his deliverance in his role as "Master of Ceremonies". He followed my itinerary to the best of his ability. Even when circumstances beyond our control made us later than planned he still remained the Master and kept everything going right on queue. He was a blessing and I couldnt have asked for better. There are 2 things everyone remembers at weddings 1. Is the food and 2. Is the music. I received many phone calls and compliments regarding Steve and the music. I especially loved the "Hair Band 10" in which Steve and my husband had a lot of fun with my husbandís "Air Guitar"! I plan to hire him again for another upcoming family event this summer. I look forward to working with him in the future. Thank you again Steve for helping us surprise everyone & come into the New Year with a bang as husband & wife. Sincerely, Helena & Dave Erman